My cabin life journey began long ago as a child in Northern Michigan. My father and his brothers had a hunting cabin not far from where I am now. We would go there in the summers for a weekend or two when we weren’t traveling the boundaries of the state for the most obscure places to camp and fish.

The cabin was probably 24X24, and I can remember the smell of fuel oil as you opened the door.  It seemed magical. The huge round kitchen table, that old wooden floor, and best of all….the beautiful victrola with boxes of records that sat nestled right between the two iron railed doubled bunk beds. I loved to wind her up and play the records for hours.

When we were traveling, our station wagon pulled a small pop up camper with a fishing boat tied on top. Sometimes my grandma and grandpa would travel with us. My parents would sleep in the back of the station wagon so my grandparents could be comfortable in the pop up camper with us kids.

My father’s last 10 years of his life were the beginning of mine. I can only speak from my own experience and say that what I learned about love and family is powerful. My mother’s willingness to fulfill my fathers every possible dream as long as she could, not knowing how long that actually would be, is pretty awesome. It wasn’t always easy, but we had great adventures and learned how to be good team members and helpers, everyone pitching in.

I will never lose sight of where I have come from and how much work it has taken to get this far. I will continue to live my life honoring my fathers love of the woods and my mothers love of her family and will pass this down to my children and grandchildren.

Pursuing a dream takes patience and I have waited a lifetime. So I will put one foot in front of the other just as my parents did and I will journey on until the end.

All of the blogs posted on Cabin Life News  and Skinner Lodge, Our Journey Into Minimalism contain factual events, except perhaps the Daily Prompt. These short blogs are documenting a brief look into our life as we progress into full-time cabin life. As a reader and consumer, I’ve always wondered how people make these sort of transitions. Where did they come up with the money, how can you buy land and learn about powering with solar, etc.? These are all questions I intend to share the answers to and more. Watch as we fumble and grow on a low budget and gaining knowledge as we go!


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