Living Small

imageAs the “Tiny Home” movement becomes popular, I have to tell you from experience that living small is not as easy as you would think.There are a couple of things to consider when thinking of living small.

1.  Organization skills. If you’re good at organizing, but not at maintaining it, you could get into trouble quick.

2.  Cleanliness. Even though you only have a small place to maintain, dust and dirt collects very quickly. If you don’t clean up your dishes after preparing and eating meals or make your bed right away your place is a mess in no time.

3. Storage. If you don’t have enough storage, where do you put the extra 5 rolls of paper towel you just bought?

4. Pets. Where do the food bowls go, where will they sleep, when it’s raining or wet outside, how long can they stay calm inside without tearing things up?

5.  Guests.  During nice weather, no problem, a couple of lawn chairs and outside you go. During inclement weather, rain, snow, or whatever, if you don’t have enough room in your tiny house trying to entertain can be challenging. If you have 2 dogs and a cat, it can be really challenging!

6.  Hobbies.  Consider a hobby that takes up very little space. Since most of your storage is going to be used for clothes and food, there will be little storage for hobbies.

7.  Humor.  If you’re thinking of living with someone else in a “tiny home”, you need a sense of humor. It’s so easy to lose it when you are in close quarters, day in and day out.

These are just a few things that come to mind. Each and every one of them have been or could be a problem for us at any given time. Our tiny home is 12×24. It is one room of comfy living. We have a kitchen area, dining area and bedroom/living room area. Upon entering our home, a visitor is exposed to all aspects of our life. If it’s a bit out of sinc, it can be really uncomfortable welcoming guests. Just something most people don’t consider when dreaming of those cute little homes they see on TV.


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