In Like a Lamb..Out Like a Lion

For me, March is one of the most mysterious months. Unpredictable at best, especially if you live in Michigan.

We were really disappointed that the snow melted from the woods early this year ending our snowshoeing and bringing in the sea of mud that Spring always brings. Walks in the woods are awesome, but the snow always presents some extra challenges and experiences. However, because the thaw came early in the month, we were able to do some work in the garden reorganizing the raised beds and dreaming of planting and harvesting. The mud has started to dry up and now we just have to wait for longer, warmer days to really get things rolling.

As of this writing, Winter has returned to the north woods. Les and Dish are at the cabin feeding the hungry birds and checking on things. He called to report 6 inches of snow and freezing rain. Here in SW Michigan, there is rain and cool temps. The difference of the US10 dividing line.

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