Daily Prompt: Border

So many angles here, where do I go?

Aging is a process…….no scrap that.

After my father passed and I quit hating my mother for trying to move on with her life, we became good friends. Of course this did not happen over night, it took a couple of years. I got married and and she found friendship with her sister. After that relationship began to tire she and I once again reconnected. She and I,  and sometimes my middle sister would take off on day trips or even overnights to ramble through flea markets and antique shops in strange new places she would hear about from co-workers or from brochures she had picked up on previous travels. The comeraderie brought me back time and time again.

Usually on our trips we would travel south and cross the border of our state. Who ever was driving would honk the horn and we would hoot and holler. I don’t even know why, or how that started, but we did it and it became part of the trip. I won’t remember many of those destinations but I will never forget those border crossings!

My mom has been gone now for 4 years. I miss her each and every single day. I can’t go back and right any wrongs but I can say to this day that I would if I could. But, each and every time my husband and I venture out and cross that border, I  pay tribute to my mom with our traditional horn honking, and a little hoot and holler. She will always be held in the highest regard. No one will ever compare!

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