All In A Days Work

This weekend at the Rollin’ Rock we had guests and so there really isn’t much time for  me to do anything besides hostessing and caregiving, not complaining, just explaining. I’m not feeling great and there are a few things I’d like to get done since there still is no snow. On our last day, I manage to get some time to repair the row covers for the blueberry bushes. Apparently the wind had whipped them around vigorously and twisted the light weight row covers into useless hours of already completed labor. So, I needed a better plan. We do have a more permanent solution on the drawing board along with the other projects waiting for completion, this just couldn’t wait.

I’m standing out in the garden area we call the east20 and the sun is peeking out just a bit. Not bad for a cold rainy weekend in November. I’m trying to decide how I’m going to make these row covers work to my advantage on a temporary basis. So I gather my tools and cut yards of twine and proceed to cut some small saplings just outside the brush line around the garden area and up runs our woodland cat, Chance. We make conversation and she wants to be loved, so I take time to pet her. She follows me around and plays with the twine I toss to the ground as I’m working on the row cover. I cut six saplings to about 18 inches, pound them into the ground along each side of the row and then stretch the landscape fabric over the top and tie it down. I always have to do and redo because as I’m working I always come up with a better idea, so I’m constantly tweaking as I go, sometimes starting over multiple times. By now, the wind is starting to pick up and the sun is just starting to set. The row covers are blowing in the wind, my hands are freezing, nose is running and I’m a little frustrated, but I’ve got to get this done. Okay, first row redone. I step back to admire my work and Chance takes a flying leap and jumps right on top of the row cover crashing everything to the ground tearing the  landscape fabric at each corner. She is having the greatest time. She thought I had created the best cat carnival she could could ever imagine. As I tried to get her off the kitty hammock ride, she grabbed ahold of my arm and bit my hand and made it known that she would leave when she was ready, and she was not! I was not amused, but she is a cat and she could care less how I felt. After removing her from the row cover, forceably, she decided to move on, for a while anyway. She disappeared into the brushy boundary of the garden to play with something else. First row repaired, again, second row done, third row almost there, and here she comes again. I’m watching her close to make sure no repeats. Alright, third row done. Oh sh..there she is right in the middle of row one…..again! I’m going to…….cuss and swear and fix the damn thing again and call it a day. Vigor has left the body.

Daily Post: Mind The Gap


My twins turned 28 today. It’s somehow very emotional for me, however, there is nothing really out of the ordinary about this particular birthday.image

When they were born, I was newly divorced, had met someone new and had a chance to start over. Except, I was 33 years old and had a 10 year old with an undetermined developmental disability. I wasn’t necessarily starting over, I was adding yet another layer to whom I already was. Piece of cake right? Except 15 months later I am blessed yet again with a bouncing baby girl, precious and beautiful, how did that happen! So, I’m now 35, with a 12 year old with an undetermined developmental disability, a set of twins, walking and demanding much of my attention and a new born. Oh, and a significant other who had his own agenda. Wow! a full dance card and not one adult on there, except me.

So, I’m hustling through each and every day, juggling special education busses, babysitters and employers who just want the job done, and children who want to be fed, played with, occupy all of my attention (individually, of course) and suck whatever life breath I have left to give. That does not account for for meal prep, laundry, housekeeping, bathing (them or me), and/or shopping, appointments, school meetings etc., etc.  I have no idea who I am and if I’m ever going to catch a break again. I am on autopilot day in and day out. No break, no time out, no vacation, no nothing.

After the baby stage came the sports era, then the boy meets girl, and vice versa, and bigger problems arise when the oldest is said to have this amazing discovery called autism and all the complex facets that go along with that (at least, now we have a name for that! for now anyway and that’s yet another story) and then drivers training and the expense of that, a bigger place to live, a better job with a bigger paycheck, and so on and so forth.

It’s 28 years later, needless to say, much more has happened between then and now and there were some of those years that I have no memory of what so ever. Well, maybe not years, but certainly periods of time and special events. All just too stressful to bring back into the memory fold. A gap so to speak. A time in space when overload becomes the norm and norm has no idea where her keys are or if she has paid the electric bill or if it’s Saturday or did the alarm just not go off. Even my developmentally challenged son can remember some things that I can’t, even through wishful thinking. Sometimes it’s just too painful to even try. So……. just refresh me!

I’m trying to teach my now adult children the benefits of slowing down. It’s hard to even understand the concept when the world has a pace that is twice what it was 28 years ago. They tell me, they think we had an awesome life with all the cool stuff we did and places we went as a family. The neighborhood kids loved us, they really didn’t get us, but they were drawn to our house, our family. The bond we shared was priceless.

If I were granted just one wish, I would turn back the hands of time, just to see my kids grow up all over again. But this time, I’d take my own advice and slow down just a little. There was some really good stuff going on there and I’d like to do it all over again. Maybe that’s where grandparenting comes in to play only in a scaled down mini version. In so many ways, those kids have made me who I am today, and I never hesitate to tell them just how important they are to me.

Those crazy years were the very best times of my life, memory gaps included (I think)!




Cross It Off The List

We had an awesome week at the cabin. We just could not have planned for better weather if it had been our choice. Warm days, a little rain, and a super moon. Who could ask for more?

We worked very hard taking the last opportunity to tie up some of the loose ends before old man winter comes knocking at our door. There is always more I’d like to do, but at some point, time will run out and I won’t be able to finish, and I really hate that. Les was able to get leaf blowing under control, and some major mowing in the east20 with Pinkie and the brush hog. I got the garden space all prepared for the Concord grape plants I bought this fall at a deep discount. It was not an easy job. I dug up an 8X12 spot in heavy vegetation with a pickax and a shovel. The first 3 hours were a piece of cake, that was the first day. The second day, and the last 4 hours, was pretty tough on my hands, and my patience. But it was exhilarating to see the finished plot of ground all nicely hand tilled to perfection. The grape plants have been put aside to rest for the winter and will be planted in the new soil in the early spring.

I also worked on the blueberry patch. I now have 9 blueberry bushes. I have added 3 this fall. The ground around that garden also had to be hand dug and prepped which proved to be a little frustrating due to a large boulder right in the middle of the last row. I made allowances on both sides of the monster rock for the bushes because the rock won out and stayed tightly gripped in the sands of time. No moving that one!  Our property is full of rocks and boulders, and that’s why it’s called The Rollin’ Rock. You can’t dig without having to deal with a few rocks, some the size of a small automobile. In spite of it all, the berry bushes are all tucked away from hungry deer and the chill of winter.  Hopefully, the next growing season will be a good one.

When we return, in a few days, we will be putting the plastic “storm” windows on the inside of the cabin. These are window coverings we made out of 4ml thick heavy plastic to help keep our heat from escaping. We cut each piece of plastic to fit the window, and then outlined each piece of plastic with Velcro strips. Each window casing also has Velcro strips so the plastic can be applied and removed easily and used multiple times. I think we get 3 years out of each set we make. Minimal cost, huge savings on our heating loss.

So, we got to cross a few things off the list. If I think too long on all the things that will need to be done in spring, and all the things I want to add on as new projects, it becomes overwhelming. I have so much I would like to accomplish in the next couple years. I guess I’ll just have to….put it on the list.



To Be Or Not To Be

Breaking News: Social Media Causes Bruised Ego

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I have posted a “like” because in that moment I just felt compelled to let that person know, “I hear ya”. Not always do I totally agree or want to repost, I just want them to know I’ve read the post and I can understand the message. Right or wrong I support you in your position. I don’t necessarily have to be in agreement or in your shoes to understand how you are feeling in the moment. Social media is in the moment, right now, this minute. Tomorrow will be different. Kind of like politics. Yes, I said it, politics. I can understand your position and not necessarily agree on your outcomes and policies, but I can listen and not be an ass about it (most of the time) or I can argue my point and hope you can also see my view and come to understand my position as well. Maybe not. However, tomorrow is a new day and a new way and maybe something will happen to promote the slightest bit of change, compromise will occur and the world will get on with its business. Social media does not care what you “liked” yesterday, and neither should your loved one.

My point here is, does it have to be this OR that? If you loved me you wouldn’t “like” that post on Facebook, please! OR what! Have we stalled in our revolution as equals in thoughts and actions?  Equality – Man = Women. I really thought we had moved beyond that superiority thing. Men do not get to choose what women think. Really!

Are we taking one step forward OR two steps back?

Daily Word Prompt: OR



In the aftermath of the political disaster, dissent has begun. A few thousand marchers emerge dazed and confused gathering in a vegetal state crowding the streets, coming together to form a united front. They are seeking comfort and enlightenment amongst like-minded souls, shouting questions for which there will be no answers.

Daily Prompt: Vegetal

How Long Can It Last

It takes a village to raise a child, how many people does it take to raise an adult into social decency, or can you?

Primping and prompting someone day in and day out for months on end does not change the biological makeup of the way a person perceives another individual for his color, religion, disability, or desire to seek greener pastures in a the land of opportunity knowing he could die trying to get there. You can not change the way a person perceives the opposite sex if all he has ever done is used that perception as a tool for his own personal gratification.

Human beings do not have the capability to change their thinking patterns in such a way to honestly embrace others for who they are and what they are just because someone is primping and prompting them to do so. You may think they do, because right in this moment, this person is saying and doing all the right things, and you think, wow, they have changed! Don’t be fooled. Like the grey wolf held in captivity and raised as a pet, he is still a wild animal. His DNA proves that.  No amount of primping is going to change his desire to eat your free range chicken pecking seeds innocently at the edge of the yard. He will, at some point, charge and gobble her up without a second thought.

In front of a camera and millions of cheering people the political correctness of just the right words could get you elected president. In the short term this could work, could? In the long run, after 6 or 8 months of intense coaching, no amount of primping and prompting will save you when you close those big doors and get down to real business. When the teleprompter is gone, the personal coach has now been fired, all the excitement has worn off and you have fractured all the newly built trust and relationships……primping and prompting will soon become only a memory left behind in the political correctness of days gone by.

Daily Prompt: PRIMP   To try and make yourself more attractive.

Second Thoughts

No seconds thoughts, no regrets. Once you have made your choice, you can not turn back. You read the instructions carefully, and mull over in your mind all the overflow of information you have been bombarded with the past couple of weeks. Here we go, pick up the pen. Fill in the blanks. This is your right, a freedom you have earned. No matter what anyone else thinks, or how anyone else fills in the blanks, this is your time to silently voice your opinion. No repercussions, no right or wrong. Just your pen to paper.

Home Again

November 1, 2016h

We’re finally home once again. November 1st. and 64 degrees, unbelievable! This must be the Indian summer we always hear our grandparents speak of. Well, this is Michigan, and guess what….we were here a week ago and it snowed!!

The sun is just starting to set over the trees on the western edge of the property so it is intensely focused on the eastern border. The color is beautiful. Most of the tall trees are already bare, but the shorter aspen and beech tend to hold their leaves well into winter long after their color has faded.

I hurried around greeting and feeding the cat, got the mother-in-law settled in, the truck unloaded and off Dish and I went into the woods for a walk. We are taking advantage of our last hours of evening sunlight. In a few short days, Michigan makes a time change and we will soon be in the dark by 6:00pm.

There is no wildlife spotted in the brush or in the woods, however, Dish can hear and smell far more than I so he has the whole story. There will be movement soon as the sun sets further into the trees. We do spot a few signs of bobcat, many deer tracks in the walking paths, and an owl calling from deep inside the woods. All good signs we are doing our part to promote harmony here.

Lots of ground to cover before dark, where’s Dish? image

Come on Dish!

It’s great to be here, what a beautiful place in time.