How Long Can It Last

It takes a village to raise a child, how many people does it take to raise an adult into social decency, or can you?

Primping and prompting someone day in and day out for months on end does not change the biological makeup of the way a person perceives another individual for his color, religion, disability, or desire to seek greener pastures in a the land of opportunity knowing he could die trying to get there. You can not change the way a person perceives the opposite sex if all he has ever done is used that perception as a tool for his own personal gratification.

Human beings do not have the capability to change their thinking patterns in such a way to honestly embrace others for who they are and what they are just because someone is primping and prompting them to do so. You may think they do, because right in this moment, this person is saying and doing all the right things, and you think, wow, they have changed! Don’t be fooled. Like the grey wolf held in captivity and raised as a pet, he is still a wild animal. His DNA proves that.  No amount of primping is going to change his desire to eat your free range chicken pecking seeds innocently at the edge of the yard. He will, at some point, charge and gobble her up without a second thought.

In front of a camera and millions of cheering people the political correctness of just the right words could get you elected president. In the short term this could work, could? In the long run, after 6 or 8 months of intense coaching, no amount of primping and prompting will save you when you close those big doors and get down to real business. When the teleprompter is gone, the personal coach has now been fired, all the excitement has worn off and you have fractured all the newly built trust and relationships……primping and prompting will soon become only a memory left behind in the political correctness of days gone by.

Daily Prompt: PRIMP   To try and make yourself more attractive.

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