To Be Or Not To Be

Breaking News: Social Media Causes Bruised Ego

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I have posted a “like” because in that moment I just felt compelled to let that person know, “I hear ya”. Not always do I totally agree or want to repost, I just want them to know I’ve read the post and I can understand the message. Right or wrong I support you in your position. I don’t necessarily have to be in agreement or in your shoes to understand how you are feeling in the moment. Social media is in the moment, right now, this minute. Tomorrow will be different. Kind of like politics. Yes, I said it, politics. I can understand your position and not necessarily agree on your outcomes and policies, but I can listen and not be an ass about it (most of the time) or I can argue my point and hope you can also see my view and come to understand my position as well. Maybe not. However, tomorrow is a new day and a new way and maybe something will happen to promote the slightest bit of change, compromise will occur and the world will get on with its business. Social media does not care what you “liked” yesterday, and neither should your loved one.

My point here is, does it have to be this OR that? If you loved me you wouldn’t “like” that post on Facebook, please! OR what! Have we stalled in our revolution as equals in thoughts and actions?  Equality – Man = Women. I really thought we had moved beyond that superiority thing. Men do not get to choose what women think. Really!

Are we taking one step forward OR two steps back?

Daily Word Prompt: OR

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