Cross It Off The List

We had an awesome week at the cabin. We just could not have planned for better weather if it had been our choice. Warm days, a little rain, and a super moon. Who could ask for more?

We worked very hard taking the last opportunity to tie up some of the loose ends before old man winter comes knocking at our door. There is always more I’d like to do, but at some point, time will run out and I won’t be able to finish, and I really hate that. Les was able to get leaf blowing under control, and some major mowing in the east20 with Pinkie and the brush hog. I got the garden space all prepared for the Concord grape plants I bought this fall at a deep discount. It was not an easy job. I dug up an 8X12 spot in heavy vegetation with a pickax and a shovel. The first 3 hours were a piece of cake, that was the first day. The second day, and the last 4 hours, was pretty tough on my hands, and my patience. But it was exhilarating to see the finished plot of ground all nicely hand tilled to perfection. The grape plants have been put aside to rest for the winter and will be planted in the new soil in the early spring.

I also worked on the blueberry patch. I now have 9 blueberry bushes. I have added 3 this fall. The ground around that garden also had to be hand dug and prepped which proved to be a little frustrating due to a large boulder right in the middle of the last row. I made allowances on both sides of the monster rock for the bushes because the rock won out and stayed tightly gripped in the sands of time. No moving that one!  Our property is full of rocks and boulders, and that’s why it’s called The Rollin’ Rock. You can’t dig without having to deal with a few rocks, some the size of a small automobile. In spite of it all, the berry bushes are all tucked away from hungry deer and the chill of winter.  Hopefully, the next growing season will be a good one.

When we return, in a few days, we will be putting the plastic “storm” windows on the inside of the cabin. These are window coverings we made out of 4ml thick heavy plastic to help keep our heat from escaping. We cut each piece of plastic to fit the window, and then outlined each piece of plastic with Velcro strips. Each window casing also has Velcro strips so the plastic can be applied and removed easily and used multiple times. I think we get 3 years out of each set we make. Minimal cost, huge savings on our heating loss.

So, we got to cross a few things off the list. If I think too long on all the things that will need to be done in spring, and all the things I want to add on as new projects, it becomes overwhelming. I have so much I would like to accomplish in the next couple years. I guess I’ll just have to….put it on the list.



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