The End Is Near

Yes, it’s true. The end of another year is near completion. In fact, there are quite a few things coming to an end. Some days I believe it’s my patience and other days I would swear it was my sanity.

These last days of 2016 should be set aside for reflection. Take a few minutes to think about not only what you may have lost, but what you have gained. Knowledge, experience, perhaps a new love, or just one more day to gather with your most precious treasures, your family. Count your blessings, kiss your children and tell them just how much they are loved and valued. Time slips by so quickly and you may never get another chance.



About rollinrock01

Skinner Lodge is an off grid cabin located in a family compound called "The Rollin' Rock" located in beautiful northern Michigan. Purchased in the spring of 2007, the Rollin' Rock is a work in progress and continues to develop on a weekly basis. We are currently developing our simply grown produce and homegoods business here called "Growin' North". We were pleased at our first years success at the local farmers market and are excited to grow and expand for the upcoming year.
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