Beauty And The Beast

We’ve been planning on an addition to our small, but comfy cabin for quite some time now. We did actually get started last year, then life got in the way and progress stalled. Every time I walk out the door of the cabin I can imagine where the wash room is going to go and the extra room we will use for storage and an extra bedroom. I can do this because the floor joists are there, or most of them, and I continue planning in my head just how the layout will go, and the furniture and shelving that will be necessary to hold all our home canned goods from the garden, and the extra bedding for guests. It makes me feel like we’re still “in progress”.

Once again, as my husband and I were wandering through the auction house one afternoon, we came across this beautiful sink on a wrought iron pedestal. The colors of the interior of the sink were exquisite, very elaborate. Bright blue, greens and yellows. I was enamoured, a little out of character for me, the women whose best and favorite pair of shoes are work boots.  Right away I started imagining where I could use such a beautiful piece of……art! Our apartment downstate is very small. I thought maybe we could use it there in our tiny bathroom. It could free up some space since there was no cabinet to bulk it up, or secretively I thought, maybe the cabin.  So, we watched this lovely number on auction day and some times luck just comes your way. Not the cheapest thing we’ve ever won on auction, but way below retail for sure. I was so excited to get it to the apartment and fit it in the bath only to be just as disappointed in the fact that it was too big for our tiny space. So, maybe the cabin, maybe the new washroom in the cabin! My head was spinning looking for ideas. Maybe when we expand there will be room. No, probably not. It was just too pretty to sit next to that composting humanure toilet that will be in there. I just couldn’t do that to that exquisite piece of art. So, I now have to be realistic about it. I can’t make it work and I can’t take it with me. Disappointment is so hard to swallow.

The beauty is the desire to have material objects that make us feel good. The beast is the fact that you can’t have it all. Minimalism takes restraint. Some times, it’s just hard to say enough.




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