Journal Entry / Thoughts For Today 12/24/2019

A New Journey For An Old Horse

Meet Chief, or Chief Red Cloud. He is the newest member of our expanding family of animals.

Chief was no longer cherished by his owners who sold him to end their burdensome care of him. I don’t mind hard work and I know what it means to commit. And besides, horses are like potato chips, one or two are never enough.

I thought he was beautiful from the get go. But, because I love them all, I knew he was going to be awesome. Once I got on and rode him, he was mine. He rides smooth like a vintage automobile. I understand that he is aged and will never be anything other than a nice trail horse, but he will be a great horse for the grandkids and guests to ride when they come to visit.

Chief will come home in a few weeks to wander the woods and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Rollin’ Rock along with Sister and Tucker. We’re hoping a third horse will help to smooth the friendship between our other two who have a love/hate relationship.

I’m excited for this addition and if you’re in the area, stop by and check out what’s going on at the Rollin’ Rock. We’d love to have you.

Remember your Journey will always have twists and turns, but your soul will be content if you find your dream and follow it through.

Happy trails.

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