How Long Can It Last

It takes a village to raise a child, how many people does it take to raise an adult into social decency, or can you?

Primping and prompting someone day in and day out for months on end does not change the biological makeup of the way a person perceives another individual for his color, religion, disability, or desire to seek greener pastures in a the land of opportunity knowing he could die trying to get there. You can not change the way a person perceives the opposite sex if all he has ever done is used that perception as a tool for his own personal gratification.

Human beings do not have the capability to change their thinking patterns in such a way to honestly embrace others for who they are and what they are just because someone is primping and prompting them to do so. You may think they do, because right in this moment, this person is saying and doing all the right things, and you think, wow, they have changed! Don’t be fooled. Like the grey wolf held in captivity and raised as a pet, he is still a wild animal. His DNA proves that.  No amount of primping is going to change his desire to eat your free range chicken pecking seeds innocently at the edge of the yard. He will, at some point, charge and gobble her up without a second thought.

In front of a camera and millions of cheering people the political correctness of just the right words could get you elected president. In the short term this could work, could? In the long run, after 6 or 8 months of intense coaching, no amount of primping and prompting will save you when you close those big doors and get down to real business. When the teleprompter is gone, the personal coach has now been fired, all the excitement has worn off and you have fractured all the newly built trust and relationships……primping and prompting will soon become only a memory left behind in the political correctness of days gone by.

Daily Prompt: PRIMP   To try and make yourself more attractive.

Second Thoughts

No seconds thoughts, no regrets. Once you have made your choice, you can not turn back. You read the instructions carefully, and mull over in your mind all the overflow of information you have been bombarded with the past couple of weeks. Here we go, pick up the pen. Fill in the blanks. This is your right, a freedom you have earned. No matter what anyone else thinks, or how anyone else fills in the blanks, this is your time to silently voice your opinion. No repercussions, no right or wrong. Just your pen to paper.

Daily Prompt: Rearrange

imageRearrange: It’s A Family Thing

Rearranging is a skill usually passed down through the generations. My mother was a rearranger. So I watched and learned. She could rearrange the furniture or our lives almost equally as well. My father was 37 years old when he got the news that his life would be cut short. Not good news for a young man with a family. But because my mother was a rearranger, she rearranged our lives so my father could have the very best of what he wanted for as long as that could be. We travelled and camped every available weekend and vacation so my father could spend his last days pursuing his love of nature and fishing.

When faced with my first of many crisis’ of my  adult life, I knew I would make it threw because I was trained by the experiences of my childhood. I tried very hard to provide normalcy for my children, but no matter how hard I tried, crisis would always show up on my doorstep and I would transform our situation into the best work of art a starving artist could provide, not always pretty, but a piece of work for sure. Sometimes I’d sit back at the end of the day, and just hope it would all work out. We had all that was neccessary for survival, but most important, we still had each other.

Now, my children are rearrangers. They have learned how to juggle and persevere through even the toughest of times. Even when our lives are rearranged beyond our control we will do what we can to help each other in what ever way we can.  We are family and families rearrange their own lives to help one another.

Daily Prompt: Artificial


ARTIFICIAL:  insincere, false, unnatural, contrived, put-on, exaggerated, forced, hollow

Many things occur in a day that prompts my brain into sharing a thought. Today’s Daily Prompt reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my adult daughters yesterday.

We were having conversation about her new beau. I was asking about his parents, if they lived in town. She explained that yes, his mother and father both lived in the city and his father was, well, “You know, like dad” (referring to her own father). Oh yes, the now that all the hard work is done dad that comes around just in time to enjoy special events like weddings and grandchildren. The artificial parent.

The artificial parent is usually absent through most of the growing season of your child or children, 0-17 1/2 years, unless perhaps you have boys (or sometimes girls), in sports, which was our case. The father was no where to be found if there was an emergency or a financial crisis. Birthdays, and holidays were no exception, but throw in something like a basketball or football game and you’ve got the most supportive parent in the stands. You would have thought he was out everyday after school coaching and practicing right along with your child. Not! He knows some of the other parents at the event, because they lived in his neighborhood or he went to school with them. Time to show off his kids and what a great dad he is for being there to support them. Ya, right!

Okay, moving onto bigger and better. Let’s talk about graduation. It was almost humiliating to have him there acting as if he put so much hard work and undying energy to get that child through school. Oh my gosh, it was such a struggle, but we finally made it.Ya, right! He doesn’t even realize that all that pomp and circumstance cost a weeks worth of groceries and part of the rent, and nights and nights of crying over homework and last minute credits. What an ass. No clue. But he is big daddy on campus, strutting his stuff and hangin’ with all the other artificial parents who get to step in at a moments notice and try and take credit for a job well done, yes, a job well done by someone else.

And please, when the going gets tough, who gets going? The artificial parent who chooses to disappear just as quickly as he/she appeared to shake hands and smile for the camera. I am so familiar with  artificial parents that I can almost pick them out at any function for kids. They are bigger than life, boasting and reciting all the special events they have missed as if they were there the whole time bustin’ their butts and sweatin’ to work, manage school, after school activities, homework, dinner, puberty, boyfriend and girlfriend issues, drivers training, proms, swirls, and of course, the big one…. weddings. Don’t get me started on that one.  That’s a whole book  entitled, The Articial Parent and their role in YOUR daughter’s (or could be son’s) Wedding.

So, my daughter explained to me that her new beau’s father was just “getting back” in his life after many years. Yessiree, another artificial parent making his way back home, well, how nice. Can’t wait to meet him.

Daily Prompt: Millions

There are 42.2 million American people or 13% of all households in the US that are food insecure.

In 2012, the USDA census reported 915 million acres of farmland in the US with only 4.5 million or 4.5% being used to grow vegetables. There is over 170 million acres of land being used to grow 2 crops, corn and soybeans. Although, both products are used in some food production, primarily they are used for unhealthy processed foods or products that aren’t food at all.

It’s time for people to take action and become food growers on their own. It doesn’t take much space, time or energy. You can grow food on a patio, window ledge, or your kitchen counter. It will save time and money and you will be able to share valuable resources such as experience and knowledge and pass it on to others so they too can become more self-suffient and less reliant on someone else to supply them with nutritious food. 

We started our quest for self-suffiency in 2015, just 1 growing season ago. Our first garden consisted of 2-55 gallon drums cut in half and a couple of shipping crates. Anyone can do this. You provide drainage, some good soil, your seeds or plants, a little water along the way, and you will have enough to eat and share! 

We, here at the Rollin’ Rock, have doubled our garden size this year and plan to increase again for 2017. There are many challenges to our location in the forest, but we are determined to continue gaining in knowledge and experience. It is exciting to be able to share our bounty with family and friends, as do all our good neighbors here in the north country.

Daily Prompt: Waiting


Dish, The Lone Cowboy

Waiting is measured in relevance to time. The more time you have nothing to do, the more time you have to sit around and wait.

My dog has nothing to do. He is watching my every move just waiting to see if I’m going to get up. If I do, you can bet he will be first out of the chair, yes, you read that right, he is waiting in my chair, and out to the door. He anticipates a walk. He always anticipates a walk. He lives for the three major dog groups. Food, walks, travel, and sleep. All the rest of the time he waits. He has grown patient and willing…….to wait. He is the best!




Daily Prompt: Careful

My mother taught me many things as a child. One of those things was how to brace myself for disappointment. She would tell me that not all the grass is greener on the other side. I did test that theory a few times and usually it proved to be correct, okay?! So, to this, my mom taught me to “be careful what you wish for”. Not so much anymore, but when my kids were growing up, I was always wishing to make our struggles less. I provided what we needed and things were rough. But I would keep my perspectives in check with that saying, “be careful what you wish for”. No matter what we didn’t have…we always had each other, and thanks Mom. You taught me well.

Daily Prompt: Border

So many angles here, where do I go?

Aging is a process…….no scrap that.

After my father passed and I quit hating my mother for trying to move on with her life, we became good friends. Of course this did not happen over night, it took a couple of years. I got married and and she found friendship with her sister. After that relationship began to tire she and I once again reconnected. She and I,  and sometimes my middle sister would take off on day trips or even overnights to ramble through flea markets and antique shops in strange new places she would hear about from co-workers or from brochures she had picked up on previous travels. The comeraderie brought me back time and time again.

Usually on our trips we would travel south and cross the border of our state. Who ever was driving would honk the horn and we would hoot and holler. I don’t even know why, or how that started, but we did it and it became part of the trip. I won’t remember many of those destinations but I will never forget those border crossings!

My mom has been gone now for 4 years. I miss her each and every single day. I can’t go back and right any wrongs but I can say to this day that I would if I could. But, each and every time my husband and I venture out and cross that border, I  pay tribute to my mom with our traditional horn honking, and a little hoot and holler. She will always be held in the highest regard. No one will ever compare!